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Theme Information

Hello and thank you for downloading and installing JustFooty! I hope it'll give you much fun and give your forums a serious facelift. This template is my fifth for phpBB and has a distinctive football theme even thought much is generic enough to be used for a forum on any topic imaginable with just a few modifications.

JustFooty was designed to be plain, clean and modern with high contrast. What's even more evident is that it was designed with football in mind, the European sport, but it shouldn't stop you from being able to use this theme at a forum dedicated to American football, different icons, somewhat different graphics and a new logo is all it takes. This theme will be the base of a number of themes with same layout but different color schemes and icons and I'll be releasing new ones over the coming months. The theme will also be converted to and made available for phpBB 2.2 once it is released.

This theme was designed in cooperation with the football community BeautifulGame.net, one of the very best football forums online, be sure to visit them!

A lot of work and dedication has gone into the creation and design of this template. Because of that reason, certain terms of use apply, be sure you understand these as you by using this theme on your forums are legally bound by them. Should you have any questions, feel free to drop me a few lines. My website has my contact details.

If you like my work, please consider making a donation, it is much appreciated and helps me create new free themes. All contributors will be recognized for their contribution, unless they choose not to.

I hope you'll enjoy the theme. Should you have any comments, questions or ideas, review the FAQ below. If your question isn't answered, feel free to contact me by visiting my website. Because of a lack of time, I must ignore questions that are answered in the FAQ so make sure you read it carefully.

If you need support, the first place to post is here: phpBB Styles Development & Discussion. If the helpful people over there fail to answer your questions, post here. DO NOT EMAIL ME! I only offer support at my forums.

Be also sure to visit my other sites: bbstyles.net and forumthemes.org, great resources on web templates and design, where you can also download all of my themes.

Theme: Version: Release date:
JustFooty 1.01 2005-01-11

Version history

1.0 (2004-10-20) First release.

1.01 (2005-01-11) Update. Includes a number of fixes for reported and observed issues.

Installing JustFooty

Please view the follow tutorials on how to install JustFooty. This theme only works with phpBB and there are no plans to port it to any other forum system.

  • How to install templates (phpBB.com knowledge base)
  • Managing styles (phpBB.com Flash tutorials)


Creating your own forum logo

An important part in giving your forum its own identity is to make it a custom logo. The logo is the image at the top left. JustFooty comes with a default logo that says "JustFooty/a theme for phpBB". This logo is meant to be replaced by your own. To aid you in designing your own logo I have provided a blank logo image which you can see below. The image below is 200 by 80 pixels. The default logo is 175x62 pixels, this is a size that fits this theme well but you are free to design your logo whatever size you want.

In order to make your own logo you have to save the image below to a folder on your harddrive, then open it with your graphics editing software, modify it by creating or superimposing your logo on it then save it as logo.jpg and upload it to the images/ folder in the templates/JustFooty/ folder in your phpBB folder on the server.

Blank forum logo

You can also right-click here and select "Save link/target as...".


Frequently Asked Questions

Is JustFooty available in language X?
JustFooty has been designed in a way that a minimal number of graphics need to be translated for localized versions. The only buttons you need to translate are the "New Topic", "Post Reply", "Locked", "New PM" and "Search" buttons. A Macromedia Fireworks MX file which is to be used for making translations together with detailed instructions is available at my website.

May I edit or alter the page footer?
You may neither remove nor alter the page footer. Removal or alteration is strongly prohibited.

However, I have on a number of occasions allowed removal for a fee. If you are interested, contact me. Please be aware that this will merely allow you to remove the visible notice, comments in HTML may not be removed. Important to know is that this does not constitute a transfer of intellectual ownership, it is merely an aesthetic modification.

Removal or alteration without buying said permission will revoke your privilege to use the theme at your forums!

May I have the graphics source files?
Source files are not made available but can be purchased. Price will be discussed upon inquiry but do not contact me unless you are serious.

I love this theme! Can I use it for my own website?
Yes, you may. Providing the the page footers carry a clearly visible notice saying: "Design based on JustFooty phpBB theme by Jakob Persson, copyright © 2004 Jakob Persson", the notice must be linked to. You may use the following code in the footer:

May I modify this template for use at my forums?
Yes, you may. Providing the the page footers carry a clearly visible notice saying: "Design based on JustFooty phpBB theme by Jakob Persson, copyright © 2004 Jakob Persson", the notice must be linked to. You may use the following code in the footer:

Note: If you want to distribute said template please contact me and we can discuss the terms.

I would like to use parts of this design for my website/design/theme, may I?
Yes, you may providing it is evident where the graphics originate from. You may not claim intellectual ownership (copyright) to the graphics and the page footers carry a clearly visible notice saying: "Design elements by Jakob Persson, copyright © 2004 Jakob Persson", the notice must be linked to. You may use the following code in the footer:

Can you provide me with JustFooty TPL files for MOD Y?
Generally, no. However, all MOD-related TPL files that I know of will be made available at the download area of my website. If it isn't there then I don't have it. Also, if you've adapted a MOD to use with JustFooty I'd appreciate it if you notice me so that I can make it available for more people to use.


Terms of Use and Disclaimer

  • WARNING: Do not delete the credit notice in the page footers and source code! Removal of the phpBB copyright notice or the template credit and copyright notice revokes your privilege to use this template.
    For more information see FAQ question #2.
    Your right to use this template, parts of this template or any template derived from this template, can be rescinded at the author's (Jakob Persson's) sole discretion.

  • This template and all files included in the distribution package are Copyright © 2004 Jakob Persson.

  • This template is provided free of charge, however some exceptions apply (see below), with no warranties whatsoever. I do not guarantee the quality of this work nor can I be held responsible what problems it may cause you. Use it at your own risk. Be careful, backup the database, backup the files before making any major changes to your phpBB installation, including installing templates!

  • If you wish to use parts of this template for your own creations, designs, skins, themes, templates or anything else you must receive an express, written consent from the author (Jakob Persson). You may not create derivative works without have obtain permission to do so. You may not hire, lease, sell or distribute this work, parts of it or works derived from it without an express, written consent from the author.

  • For questions regarding the license and its terms, email me. See my website for contact details.



If you like my work please consider making a donation. It helps me cover costs of software licenses and hardware and ensures that I can release more themes to the public.

Donors will be recognized for their contriubution unless they choose not to.

Click here to proceed to the donations page.


I'd like to thank the follow people for their help
  • Vjacheslav Trushkin (aka CyberAlien)

  • Tom Beddard of subBlue

JustFooty Theme v1.01 (by Jakob Persson / Tesseract Media (copyright © 2004 Jakob Persson)
In cooperation with BeautifulGame.net, forumthemes.org and bbstyles.net
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